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TRUE PS300 Elliptical Trainer

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OverviewThe TRUE PS300 home elliptical trainer is a premium machine designed to be totally user friendly for even faster results. Manufactured from co..

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The TRUE PS300 home elliptical trainer is a premium machine designed to be totally user friendly for even faster results. Manufactured from commercial-grade materials, it boasts an ergonomically engineered design—along with new and standard features for which the TRUE brand is renowned. The TRUE Core Drive™ system delivers the most comfortable workout possible, ensuring that the feel is absolutely natural and balanced during use. The well-established Heart Rate Control™ and HRC Cruise Control™ (for which TRUE equipment is recognized industry-wide) helps you maintain and maximize your cardio health.

Key features of the TRUE PS300 Elliptical Trainer:

TRUE PS300 elliptical trainers feature innovative Side Steps that make entering and leaving the machine easy and safe. The Side Steps also enable users to do a focused upper-body only workouts. In addition, the footpads on the machine are orthopedic and cushioned with a new-age anti-fatigue material that minimizes impact on the joints while you exercise. Another important feature is the Cardio 360™ program, bringing you a virtual personal trainer and enabling you to work all the major muscle groups effectively in a very short time.

  • Cardio 360™: Virtual training coach for a total-body workout that will shape and tone every major muscle group. It also features an upper-body only workout option.
  • HRC Cruise Control™: Paired with the legendary Heart Rate Control™ technology, one touch HRC Cruise Control™ allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered it will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your target heart rate.
  • Multi-Grip Handles: Enhance your workouts by allowing your to work multiple muscles groups.
  • Orthopedic Cushioned Footpads: During exercise you will notice the exceptional comfort of TRUE’s Soft Step orthopedic footpads that decrease the stress of impact on your joints. Easily removable for cleaning.
  • Wireless Polar® equipped system: Assists in maintaining your optimal heart rate to maximize your workouts.

Product specifications:

  • Drive system: Core drive with an Eddy Current brake resistance source and a plug-in power source; 25-300 watts workload range.
  • Exercise surface: Orthopedic Soft Step cushioned, anti-fatigue material footpads; 1.5” (3.8 cm) pedal spacing; fixed 21” (53 cm) stride length.
  • Frame: Robotically welded steel; extended handrails for easy entry and exit; ergonomically designed multi-grip handle; enables upper-body only exercise.
  • Console: Dual-window Red LED display; 9 pre-set programs; HRC Cruise Control™; 30-minute pause feature; 1 HRC workout; sleep mode; membrane keys; data readouts for time, distance, RPM, HR, work level, watts, METs, and calories. 
  • Heart Rate: Contact heart rate monitoring and wireless Polar® equipped heart rate monitoring. Supplied with chest strap and CHR pads.
  • Programming: 25 manual workout resistance levels.
  • Extras: Accessory/reading rack features a rubber lined interior and tablet guards, so tablets and other devices are safe and secure; one water bottle holder; no-slip tray; extended handrails for easy entry and exit, and side step-up areas and low step-up height add a safety element.
  • Weight and size: 49”L x 32.5”W (124 cm x 83 cm); active footprint is 75”L x 32.5”W (191 cm x 83 cm); machine weight 265 lbs; maximum user weight 350 lbs (159 kg); transport wheels and both front and back transport handles.
  • Warranty (home use only): Lifetime for frame, 7 years for parts, 1 year for labor.
TRUE PS300 elliptical trainers are ideal for home use. They will enable you to:
  • Do exciting pre-set workouts that enable you to meet your fitness goals at home
  • Use the Quick Start feature for manual workouts or just to get started quickly 
  • Choose between total body and upper-body only workouts 
  • Make the best of Cardio 360 with the pre-set Arm Sculptor and Leg Shaper workouts
  • Do effective target heart rate workouts, and rely on Heart Rate Cruise Control™ to keep your target heart rate constant
ACCESSORIESNew Accessory/Reading Rack features a rubber lined interior and tablet guards, ensuring tablets and other devices are safe and secure; 1 Water Bottle Holders, No-Slip Tray
FOOTPRINT49"L x 32.5"W (124 cm x 83 cm)
FOOTPRINT LIVE AREA49"L x 32.5"W (124 cm x 83 cm)
FRAMERobotically Welded Steel
HANDRAILSExtended Handrails for Easy Entry and Exit
MAX USER WEIGHT350 lbs (159 kg)
RESISTANCEEddy Current Brake
SAFETYExtended Handrails for Easy Entry and Exit, Side Step-Up Areas and Low Step-Up Height
STEP UP HEIGHTLow Step-Up Height
STRIDEFixed - 21" (53 cm)

PRODUCT NUMBERTRUE PS300 Elliptical Trainer
WARRANTYFrame - Lifetime, Parts - 7 Years, Labor - 1 Year

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