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TuffStuff CSM 725WS

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OverviewThe TuffStuff CSM-725WS Smith-Half Cage Ensemble is a home gym that is designed to enable you to use more natural body movement while you exer..

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The TuffStuff CSM-725WS Smith-Half Cage Ensemble is a home gym that is designed to enable you to use more natural body movement while you exercise. The design incorporates a 7-degree slant, and there is an enclosed self-aligning linear bearing press system that comes with an effective safety stopper.

Key Features of the TuffStuff Leg Press Deluxe 400LB:

TuffStuff’s CSM-725WS Smith-Half Cage Ensemble has a number of key features that make it a favorite with those who take health and fitness seriously. These include a fully adjustable high/low cable system that has a swivel rotating handle for its 200 lb weight stack, as well as separate lat and low row stations. There is also a dual lat pulley station for unilateral or bilateral movement, full-length steel weight shrouds, and a fixed mount, wide-grip chin-up bar. The machine also comes with an RMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench and an RAR-620 Accessory Combo Rack. Olympic weight plates are not included with the machine.    

  • Fixed Lat Station: Allows unilateral and bilateral movements that focus on triceps and abs.
  • High/Low Cable Station: Also allows unilateral and bilateral cable movements, but for a much greater range of exercise.
  • Traditional Smith and Free-Style Press Station: Lets you do squats, lunges, dead lifts, military presses, barbell upright rows, calf raises and flat, incline, decline and shoulder presses.
  • Fixed Low Row Station: Allows unilateral and bilateral movements for arm curls, low rows, glute kicks, upright rows, inner and out thigh exercises and side bends.

Product specifications:

  • 7” slant design: Allows for a more natural body movement.
  • High/low cable system: Fully adjustable with swivel rotating handles that provide ever-important unilateral and bilateral movement using the 200 lb weight stack.
  • Row stations: Separate stations for lat and row.
  • Weight shrouds: full length and made of protective steel.  
  • Weight and size: 80”L x 67”W x 84” H (203 cm x 170 cm 213 cm); shipping weight 425 lbs (193 cm).
  • Warranty: Lifetime on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a home environment.

Optional accessories:

  • Accessory combo rack: Includes the preacher curl, leg extension/curl, and an Olympic adapter.
  • Multi-purpose bench: Ideal for a wide range of bench exercises; has a high level of adjustability from decline to full upright position. Includes leg-hold and support.



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