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TuffStuff Lateral Raise

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Key Features of the Lateral Raise:2”x 6” 11 gauge steel weight stack frames combined with 2”X4” 11-gauge Oval Steel main frames.Elevated frame design ..

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Key Features of the Lateral Raise:

  • 2”x 6” 11 gauge steel weight stack frames combined with 2”X4” 11-gauge Oval Steel main frames.
  • Elevated frame design and steel reinforced rubber stabilizer feet pre-drilled for floor mounting, maximize stability and ease cleaning around machine.
  • High strength, grade 5 & 8, 3/8” and 1/2” frame bolts combined with deep penetrating 1/4” welds.
  • Electro-statically applied 8-Step powder coat paint finish involving: 5 separate steel cleaning & preparation steps, 1 pre-paint drying step, 1 application step, and 1 oven curing finishing step.
  • Easy access gas assist seat adjustments on most units allow quick and easy user customization of support.
  • Full length, dual sided, weight shields, limiting user exposure to moving parts, standard on most machines.
  • 1/4” thick 7-gauge steel adjustment cams, and all adjustment handles, triple chrome plated for durability.
  • Brushed aluminum end caps and locking hardware used on all foot rolls and leg hold down pads.
  • 1/4” thick rust resistant, non tear, aluminum anti-skid foot plates, on most brace positions.
  • Piggyback Add-on weight system in 5 lb and 10 lb increments comes standard on most machines.
  • Patented Rotating Axial Convergence (R.A.C.) & Divergence (R.A.D.) technology on all converging units allows the pivot arms to mimic the natural articulation of the human shoulder, resulting in greater muscle isolation and less joint strain.
  • Four-bar linkage converging units utilize American made 1/2” & 5/8” Teflon coated ball & socket rod ends.
  • 3/4” solid steel (1045tgp) guide rods, hard chrome plated and polished for smooth performance & durability.
  • Variable resistance cams precision made of solid aluminum & powder coated to resist rust & corrosion, ensure bio-mechanically correct strength curves.
  • 1/4” diameter (4200 lb test) aircraft cable and/or Mectrol steel re-enforced Kevlar belts (4400 lb test), manufactured to Military specifications, used on all machines.
  • Fiberglass re-enforced nylon, deep grove pulleys, with maintenance free, sealed roller bearings.
  • 1/2” & 5/8” spring loaded solid steel adjustment pull pins, load tested to 9,040 lbs with a 46,042 PSI sheer strength.
  • All primary pivot arms rotate on 1” solid Stainless Steel axles with 2” sealed & hidden roller bearings.
  • Precision steel weight stacks with machine pressed premium nylon bushings allows smooth and quiet weight stack movement.
  • Lanyard secured, magnetic steel weight pins ensure a solid connection for added safety & security.
  • All units come standard with high density EMR urethane foam padding on 1” premium plywood backing with commercial Naugahyde upholstery treated to resist bacteria, scratches and stains.

Proformance Plus Exclusive Features:

  • Made in USA.
  • 8-Step powder coat process.
  • Dual sided, full length safety shields.
  • 1” solid stainless steel pivot shafts.
  • Dual-tone paint design standard for all units.
  • Modern “Oval steel” frame structure.
  • Add-on weight system with 5lb & 10 lb increments standard on most units.
  • 15 different upholstery colors available.
  • Choice of 6 standard main frame colors.


WARRANTY• 10 YEARS: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates.
• 2 YEARS: bushings, pivot bearings, pulleys and guide rods.
• 1 YEAR: linear bearings and pull-pin components.
• 6 MONTHS: finish, cables, upholstery and rubber grips.

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