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TuffStuff MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer

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OverviewTuffStuff’s MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer is a commercially rated heavyweight machine manufactured with industrial components and modern e..

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TuffStuff’s MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer is a commercially rated heavyweight machine manufactured with industrial components and modern elements to compliment any gym or fitness studio setting. The trainer has dual 200 lb steel weight stacks and a heavyweight 2” x 4” oval steel frame that has been constructed from 11-guage tubular steel and 7-guage precision laser-cut adjustment plates.

Key Features of the TuffStuff MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer:

Like other quality TuffStuff gym equipment, the MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer has been produced with an electrostatic powder coating finish, specifically Platinum Sparkle with Charcoal accents. It features extension arms that offer 150 degree, high-to-low vertical adjustments that effectively produce 15 positions, as well as 165 degree, side-to-side horizontal adjustments for five further positions. Further, the arms are hydraulically supported for safe and easy vertical adjustments, and the pulley bracket features a sealed ball-bearing design that swivels.

  • Premium aluminum pulleys: 4½” sealed ball-bearing premium pulleys.
  • Weight stacks: Two x 200 lbs weight stacks with a 1:4 ratio that delivers 2.5 lb resistance increments and extended cable travel.
  • Extension arm: Varied positions for optimum performance.
  • Hydraulically supported arms: Used for easy and safe vertical adjustments.


Product specifications:

  • Steel frame: Heavyweight structure made from 11-guage tubular steel combined with 7-guage laser-cut adjustment plates.
  • Open frame design: Accessible for wheelchairs and rehab equipment, workout benches and stability balls.
  • Pulleys and pulley bracket: Design incorporates sealed ball-bearing swivel pulleys; pulleys are made of aluminum and feature 4½” sealed ball bearings.
  • Weight and size: 63”L x 118”W x 83” H (160 cm 300 cm x 211 cm); shipping weight 750 lbs (340 kg).
  • Warranty for light commercial use: 10 years for structural main frame including welds, cams and weight plates; 5 years on pivot bearings, pulleys, brushings, guide rods and gas shocks; 1 year on linear bearings and pull-pin components; 6 months on upholstery, cables, finish and rubber grips. (Home “lifetime” warranty also available.)

Optional accessories:

  • Sports specific: Ideal for baseball, baseball bat handle, golf handle, rope and multiuse.
  • Accessory stand: Powder coated stand that can hold all the accessory items including those mentioned above.
  • Deluxe Multi-Purpose Bench: High level of adjustability from decline to full upright position; contoured lumbar back support for proper back positioning while working out.
  • Flat/Incline Ladder Bench: Seven back support angles from flat to full upright position; independent seat pad adjustment.
TuffStuff’s MFT-2700 Dual-Stack Functional Trainer are ideal for gyms and fitness centers. They will enable you to:
  • Work your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and legs
  • Enable physically challenged people and those undergoing rehabilitation to work out effectively
  • Train for a variety of popular sports
  • Effectively improve your strength capacity



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