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OVERVIEWWhen it comes to stubborn muscles, no other muscle group can beat the calf muscles. Around the gym circle, you’ll constantly hear men talk abo..

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When it comes to stubborn muscles, no other muscle group can beat the calf muscles. Around the gym circle, you’ll constantly hear men talk about how small their calves are while women chat about how they just can’t get the definition they want. Calves are the kings of stubborn. While many people blame themselves for their feisty calf muscles, the truth is that many times, it is the equipment they are utilizing to try to define or bulk up their calves. The right equipment is essential if you want to see results in those legs. Introducing the Seated Calf, the answer to all your calf muscle endeavors.

Key Features of the Seated Calf:

Whether you are going for muscle mass or definition, you have to work hard and the Seated Calf allows you to do just that in a safe and efficient way. The professional grade construction ensures the stability and security you need so that you can focus on the movement at hand, regardless of your shape and size.

  • Plate Loading For Maximum Results – Many fitness machines never allow you to reach your full potential because of a limited range of motion or a limited volume selection. The Seated Calf ensures proper range of motion so that you fully activate your calf muscles. The plate-loading feature ensures you can set the appropriate challenge you need to succeed.
  • Accommodates Different User Heights – The Seated Calf includes the ability to adjust the kneepads to ensure that it can accommodate your height or seating preference. Simply use the handle to adjust the kneepads. Then when you are comfortable, you can begin the movement simply by swing the easy pivot bar out.
  • Made With Your Comfort in Mind – The Seated Calf features a pivot arm that is attached to the bench you are sitting on. While this might be intimidating for beginners, you will be amazed at how comfortable this makes every repetition. What’s more: You’re in full control. The bench and arm easily swing so that you can get through the exercise from start to finish. With comfort and safety in mind, there is nothing like the Seated Calf.

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    WARRANTY• 10 YEARS: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
    • 5 YEARS: bushings, pivot bearings, pulleys, gas shocks and guide rods
    • 1 YEAR: belts, linear bearings and pull-pin components
    • 6 MONTHS: finish, cables, upholstery and rubber grips

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