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Cybex Bravo Pro

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OVERVIEWInspired by the immense popularity of the Bravo All-in-One, Cybex redesigned the machine without sacrificing any of the original’s unique feat..

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Inspired by the immense popularity of the Bravo All-in-One, Cybex redesigned the machine without sacrificing any of the original’s unique features. With patented stabilization technology and adjustable cable width, this machine deserves even more awards than its older counterpart.

Key Features of the Cybex Bravo Pro:

Who ever said exercise had to be boring? This machine lets you exercise your creative faculties with cable width adjustment that delivers practically limitless workout combinations. Users can also exercise independent motion between two weight stacks that each bear 400 lbs.

  • Progressive Stabilization System: adjust both height and horizontal position depending on the task so that you’re constantly challenged
  • Faster, Safer Strength Training: speed your way to optimal results with a machine that offers a 212% increase in load capacity, 184% increase in core activation, and 38% greater strength gain
  • Enhanced Dual Weight Stacks: independently operating, 400-lbs. weight stacks provide asymmetrical workouts for single users or space for two users to operate simultaneously
  • Increased Range of Motion: weight stacks are now farther apart for an much-improved, more effective workout
  • Advanced Cable Adjustment System: put resistance control directly in your hands and create virtually endless training possibilities by adjusting both the height and width of the cables
  • Variable Grip Chin-up Bar: an integrated chin-up bar is positioned higher and has multiple grip options so you can target more muscles
  • Included Accessories: machine comes with two strap handles, two multi-length strap handles, ankle cuff, rotating arm bar, triceps rope, and lat pull bar with swivel ends, giving you even more versatility in a single machine
  • iPhone/iPad App: download the associated mobile app to get access to a number of workouts just for Bravo machines
  • Choose Your Design: 33 upholstery options, including two-toned designs, and 15 frame options lets you customize the machine’s look to match any health club or home gym
  • Optional accessories include:

  • Cybex Utility Bench: purchase the ergonomic utility bench to facilitate seated lat pull exercises Cybex Bravo Machines are ideal for home use. Now you can:
  • Improve the quality of your home gym with a well-built, versatile machine
  • Experience greater strength gains and enjoy greater bang for your buck
  • Take advantage of more machine flexibility to continually challenge yourself
  • Invest in a machine that offers both functionality and superior aesthetic quality

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