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Hoist V Elite Home Gym

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OverviewThe customized Hoist V4 elite home gym was engineered with discerning users in mind. A top-rated design in the V-series stable, this gym provi..

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The customized Hoist V4 elite home gym was engineered with discerning users in mind. A top-rated design in the V-series stable, this gym provides the flexibility you need to be able to achieve your own very specific fitness goals at home. The compact design is sleek and attractive, and it requires very little floor space. This means it is easy to accommodate in a home gym, but may also be set up in a multi-functional room.

Key Features of the Hoist V Elite Home Gym:

HOIST V4 Elite gyms have a range of key features that keep them ahead of the game. For instance, the patented leg station allows users to perform both leg extension and leg curl exercises from a seated position. At the same time, a range-of-motion adjuster provides multiple starting positions that may be used for both of these exercises. Self-aligning roller pads are able to adjust automatically so that different leg lengths may be seamlessly accommodated. And a multifunction back pad provides tilting and telescoping adjustments that assist and enable enhanced upper body support during any chest, shoulder or back exercises undertaken using the machine.

Press arm options: The V4 is the ultimate press arm that combines the range-of-motion adjustment of the V1 with the user-defined movement of the V3. Attachable strap handles: Included to help you increase your varied workout choices. Elite frame with V4 Press Arm: Superior features and benefits including a patented leg station, motion adjuster, self-aligning roller pads, and multi-function back pad.

Product specifications:

  • Patented Radial Loc®: State-of-the-art weight system that reduces shifting between weight plates for smoother, quieter exercise movements.
  • Wide groove pullets: Provided on the high, mid and low cable stations to provide a greater range of motion and longer cable life for the machine.
  • Split Weight Cabling™: Increases cable travel and delivers 50% resistance to mid and low pulley exercises.
  • Weight stacks: Fully enclose with vented shrouds that ensure noise reduction.  
  • Compact, exercise-forward design: Requires minimal floor space.
  •  Integrated accessory rack: Provides convenient storage for all V gym accessories.
  • V gym accessories: Adjustable strap handles; ultra light aluminum curl bar and lat bar; 14-link chain for proper range of motion irrespective of user height; padded

ankle / thigh strap; and ab strap.

  • Weight and size: 48.25”W x 80.50”L x 83.50”H (123 cm x 204 cm x 212 cm); machine weight 609 lbs (276 kg).  Regulatory approvals: UL, CSA, CE for 220 volts. Warranty: Lifetime for frame, 10 years for moving parts, paint, cables and upholstery.

Optional accessories:

  • 50 lb weight stack upgrade: Add 50 lbs to the standard 150 lb weight stack to achieve a total 200 lb stack; also 2.5 and 5 lb add-on weights for smaller increases in resistance.
HOIST’s V4 Elite home gyms are designed for personal use.  They will enable you to:
  • Increase your exercise options and use all possible muscle groups
  • Do effective leg extension and leg curl exercises from a seated position
  • Concentrate on exercises that target different parts of your body
  • Get fit for sport, or just because you want to be healty



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