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This MERRITHEW Rehab Studio bundle includes standard equipment used in a Pilates Rehab treatment program and is required for our Matwork and Reformer ..


This MERRITHEW Rehab Studio bundle includes standard equipment used in a Pilates Rehab treatment program and is required for our Matwork and Reformer Rehab courses (RMR1&2).

Instruct and perform core stability, peripheral mobility and plyometric exercises with exceptional results, no matter what your need, on the equipment included in the Rehab Studio Bundle.

The following Items are Included with the Rehab Studio 1 Bundle:

  • V2 Max Plus™ Rehab Reformer* - a powerful combination of our standard Rehab Reformer™, a virtual Cadillac and a unique multi-planar biomechanics training tool, utilizing an innovative, adjustable pulley system on the Vertical Frame. The higher carriage height of 22.5" offers ease of mount/dismount for mobility-challenged clients. The adjustable gearbar and retractable rope system, combined with a patented pulley configuration, allow for precision adaptability. V2 Max Plus Rehab Reformer includes 3 x 100% tension, 1 x 50% and 1 x 25% springs.
  • The Rotational Diskboard™ Deluxe features horizontal and vertical mounting slots to allow relocation and asymmetrical mounting of the two 10" disks, which provides a variety of foot placement options allowing targeted rotation in hip flexion and extension, adduction and abduction or multiple combinations.
  • The wide platform of the Jumpboard allows for biomechanically sound foot or hand placement, and affords exercises in standing and lunging positions, offering increased exercise options for post-rehabilitation or special needs clients.

Also included:

  • Maple Roll-Up Pole
  • Reformer Box with footstrap
  • Mat Converter
  • Padded Platform Extender
  • Arc Barrel
  • Ankle Straps
  • (2) Essential Reformer, 3rd Edition, and Athletic Conditioning on V2 Max Plus Reformer Level 1

  • The MERRITHEW REHAB Studio 1 Bundle Features:

    TransportEasy-Roll Wheels make it a breeze to move or re-position
    VersatileThree position headrest and enhanced adjustable four-position Foot-bar drops easily into cradles to regulate hip and knee flexion. Perfect for beginners to elite athletes, accommodates different ability levels and body shapes and sizes
    Variable ResistanceEquipped
    AdjustableThree Gearbar slots positions, Six Carriage stopping positions, Three headrest positions and Four footbar positions. Shoulder rests lock in place and detach for ease of storage. Vertical Frame - 28 pulley-stopping positions, 18 fixed spring eyehooks.
    ComfortExtra thick foam cushioning on Reformer and Platform Extender with double stitching
    ChallengingNew rubber feet provide improved traction for Jumpboard and Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounder exercises (items sold separately)
    Exercise VarietyThe Padded Platform Extender extends the wooden standing platform to accommodate standing exercises. Perform over 250 full-body, multi-dimensional Pilates exercises
    ResultsSpring resistance helps build core strength and develop longer, leaner muscles without bulk
    Vertical FrameVertical Frame equipped with 2 push-thru springs, 2 roll-down springs with maple roll-down bar, 2 arm springs with foam-grip handles, 2 leg springs with padded long spine straps, extension straps, safety chain, 2 traveling spring hooks, 2 traveling pulleys.

    The MERRITHEW REHAB Studio 1 Reformer Dimensions:

    Width30 in.
    Length97 in.
    Height from Floor16 in.
    Weight145 lbs

    The MERRITHEW REHAB Studio 1 Vertical Frame Dimensions:

    Width30.5 in.
    Height71.25 in.
    Weight39.5 lbs

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